Stereo Two way or Three way balance input XLR Audio Signal Balanced Input Switcher audio input selector

Stereo Two way or Three way balance input XLR Audio Signal Balanced Input Switcher audio input selector
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Oписание продукта

Package includes:

1, The matrix

2, power cables

3, RS232 cable
4, Infrared remote controller

5.ComputerControl English software(free)
6, Matrix instructions (downloading)



VGA Series matrix switcher is designed for computer and video display signals and high resolution VGA Digital image design of signal switching, and intelligent high-performance broadband matrix switching equipment, VGA matrix switch is used to switch on the computer the monitor signal and distributionMulti-channel signal from the input channels can be switched to the output on either channel in the channels and between output channels independent of each other. Simply put, is the ability to display any one of multiple input signals to any one of your specified monitor matrix switcher is the way or multi-way audio and video signal transmission to one or more display devices.The products can be widely used in multimedia digital multifunctional auditorium, conference rooms, multimedia teaching, command and control centers, hotels, exhibition hall, large-screen projection display, video works and so on.


1.Routing specifications: 16 input and 16 output  
2.16-way VGA computer input signals; 16-way computer VGA signal output, could well cross switch 
3.16-channel audio input, 16-channel audio output (optional), synchronous or asynchronous cross-switch can be used with 
4. Processor: Using the latest 32-bit embedded processor.
5. Use high resolution chip, which has long driver function .
6.Adopt the signal gain long-distance transmission distortion compensation technology;
7. Using digital synchronous recognition processing (DSIP) technology;.
8. Using programmable logic array circuit(CPLD) that the function is stable.
9. Use the liquid crystal display of large-screen.
10. Built-in two-color LED indicates the input signal detection mode;
11. Built-in 8 groups a round robin switching function can be arbitrarily set up intervals and channels;
12.Built-in 50 groups Packet Timing switching function, can arbitrarily set up the time and channel;
13. Built-in 32 scenes control storage mode;
14. Special port, can connect with ST-960 wireless-touch-screen directly, When plug, can play.
15. Input and output interface terminal using American AMP\'s interface;
16. Compatible with all similar products in the market code and instructions;.
17. Full SMD technology, unique ESD Protection function;
18.Unique TCP / IP network control and management functions via Ethernet control;
19. This product uses the design of dual-core processing technology, and can switch quickly in multiple application environments, so that
users undertake a lot of tasks, you can still do all the tasks at the same time, avoiding the stopped working, converting  slowly, and not
receiving commands when connects with big-screen splicing system,
20. Using the KT-NET network technologies that the RS-232 can control 99pcs series’ matrix
21. The design contains the function that are infrared remote control, manual control and RS232 control; users can show this presentation
of the signal switching conveniently.

VGA Signal

Ultra High Bandwidth: 500MHz (-3dB), full load

Luminance Chrominance Interference: [email protected]

Differential Phase I/0S:<1.28℃,3.58MHz

Differential Gain Error :0.1%, 3.58-4.43MHz

Isolation(crosstalk) : <-85db(5MHz)

Nonlinear Distortion : <0.02%/0.02o (RL=150Ω)

Crosstalk:-60dB @10 MHz, -39dB @100 MHz

Switching Speed:200 ns (maximum)

Signal:RGBHV、RGsB、Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video



VGA Input

Input Interface: 15-PlN Hd female connector

signal strength: 1V p-p

Analog Signals(Minimum/maximum Level): 0.5V ~ 2.0V p-p

Impedance:75 Ω

Return Loss:[email protected]

Horizontal Frequency Response:15 kHz ~ 145 kHz

Vertical Frequency Response:30 Hz ~ 170 Hz

DC- offset Error(maximum):15mV


VGA Output

Output Interface: 15-PlN HD female connector

Minimum/Maximum Level:2.0V p-p

Output Impedance:75 Ω

Return Loss:[email protected]

DC compensation:±5mV(Max)



VGA Synchronous Signal

Input/ Output Signal:RGBHV、RGsB、Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video

Input Level: 0 V~1.0 Vp-p

Output Level: TTL 5.0 Vp-p

Input Impedance:75 Ω

Output Impedance:75 Ω

Transmission Delay(Max): 20ns

Rise/fall Time(Max):4ns

Polarity: Positive or Negative (the same as the input)

Audio Specification

Gain:Output 0dB(unbalanced),Output +6dB (balanced)

Frequency Response:20Hz~20KHz,±0.05 dB

Total Harmonic Distortion:0.03%@1KHz, 0dB gain

Noise Ratio (S/N):>90dB

Channel Crosstalk:<[email protected],full load

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR):>75dB @ 20Hz ~20kHz

Stereo Channel Isolation:>[email protected]



Audio Input:

Input Type: Stereo ( balanced or unbalanced)

Input Interface: RCA Interface

Input Impedance: >50KΩ(unbalanced),25KΩ(balanced)

Input Level (max): +19.5dBu



Audio Output:

Output Type: Stereo ( balanced or unbalanced)

Output Interface: RCA Interface

Output Impedance: 100KΩ( balanced),50KΩ(unbalanced)

Gain Error(between channel): ±0.1dB

Output Level (max): High resistance>24dBu

Noise Ratio (S/N): 600Ω>+15dBm(standard)



The Baud Rate and Protocol:

Serial Control Interface:RS-232, 9- pin male D interface 

Baud Rate:9600

Data Bits: 8 

Stop Bit,

Parity Bit:No parity

Device Address Code:1~99

Infrared Control: IR-200 remote control

The Serial Control Port:2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND

Control Procedure:《Version 3.0》




Supply Voltage: 110~220VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power: 50W~100W

Temperature: -30°~ +80°C

Humidity: 10% ~ 90%

Dimensions(L x W x H):48cm x 30cm x (8-44) cm

Weight: 8.0 kg

Housing: metal

Rack Mounting: 2U

Shock: ISTA 1A (the international safe transit Association)

Certifications: CE/FCC A’s /VCCI/AS/NZS/ICES

Warranty: 1 year warranty, life-long maintenance

Average Failure (MTBF): 35,500 hours